Primary Care Services

Improve your overall health & manage existing conditions with PrimaryCare Indy.

Walk-in urgent care clinics like UrgentCare Indy can treat immediate medical needs, including most minor illnesses and injuries. But who is looking out for your health the rest of the year? If you don’t currently have a medical provider keeping track of your overall health, we would love to help! Our primary care services are here to help you manage existing conditions like diabetes or heart disease and stay healthy in the long run.

It’s no secret that many people do not have a primary care provider looking out for their health throughout the year. Through PrimaryCare Indy, we can provide ongoing care and monitoring of your health to help you manage existing conditions and improve your overall health. Read below to learn more about our primary care services, and visit our website at to request your first appointment!

Manage Existing Conditions

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Mental and Emotional Health
  • And more...!

Improve Your Overall Health

  • Obesity and Weight Loss
  • Heart Health & Risk Management
  • Pre-Diabetes Monitoring
  • Immunizations & Vaccines
  • And more...!

Begin with a trusted Primary Care provider today!

We encourage all of our urgent care patients to take the next step in improving their overall health by starting with primary care.